I love Alice and will miss her


I started reading the Alice books when she started high school. So I haven’t read her middle school adventures I’m 13 and I am about to start reading Now I’ll Tell You Everything. I am so sad the series is coming to an end. I have made a very close connection with Alice and Pam and Liz and Gwen they are very similar to my friends and I. I would have to say that the Alice series is my favorite season of all time. I will miss reading the Alice books and all of her adventures. I have cried when she cried laughed when she laughed. I hope her struggles can help me navigate through high school. You have written her books with such great detail and that makes the reader feel like they are actually a friend of Alice. If Alice were real we would probably be besties. I want to say again you are a wonderful author and love the Alice books.

Phyllis replied:

I was sad when the series came to an end also, but I felt it was time.  Plus, there are many other kinds of books I still want to write.  I have a good memory of my school years–elementary, junior high, and high school, so many of Alice’s struggles and joys were mine, way back when.  I really appreciate your letter.

Posted on: December 6, 2017


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