What inspired you to write Shiloh? Do you own any dogs like Shiloh? I love the Shiloh books! 😉


Phyllis replied:

No, but I grew up with a Springer Spaniel dog named Pepper, whom I loved.   I got my inspiration for the 4 books of the Shiloh series when I found a frightened, filthy, abused dog in West Virginia, in the little community of Shiloh.  Friends of ours adopted her and took her in, but before I knew she had found a good home, I was so worried about her that I started writing the first book, Shiloh.  I went back to visit her several times before she died in 2000 at about eleven years of age.  Our friends named her “Clover,” and claim she was now the happiest dog in West Virginia.

Posted on: April 22, 2017


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