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I am a student in grade 8 who read all your shiloh books. The first big book I read was Shiloh. Before I read this book I used to absolutely hate books. But once I read your book I discovered that reading is an adventure.First off I would like to congratulate you for having the ability of writing such amazing books. You should be proud of being an author you inspired me and now I love reading. My class has a reading assignment we do every month you read book an right a lot of things about it. So I went to the library and found the newest book of the Shiloh series. Then I read it and I was really amazed. Your book had many words that I found challenging which is absolutely great. But there’s one thing that I did not like about your book, it had to do a lot with religion. One thing that shock me is that their was no spelling errors or grammar errors which is amazing. Did you know that the average is 1 mistake per 50 pages. I think if that you’re ending wasn’t very detailed because I was still wondering if Judd bought the new house. I was also wondering when dad got to finish the new audition but that ok. I heard that this is your last book of the shiloh series so I wanted to know if Marty was ever going to be a vet. So please take my idea into consideration and make one last Shiloh book. You could become a better author by maybe writing bigger books. I think the best book you have ever wrote is Shiloh and that is why you received the award. I hope you read my letter and replay.

Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you liked “A Shiloh Christmas.”  You would probably enjoy the first three books too, because it would show you how the relationship between Marty and Judd developed.  I think it is up to you to decide what career Marty chooses, but we all hope that he found a way, perhaps by getting a scholarship, to continue his education and find a vocation that included his love of animals.

Posted on: November 27, 2017


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