Phyllis! Alice! Fan that grew up with both of you.

Many years ago when I was 13 you were kind enough to answer a lot of my questions on your website and it meant the world to me because I grew up with Alice and grew up without a mom.
I also won the 4th grade lawyer challenge as a kid because the topic was Shiloh’s Trial!
In my 8th grade yearbook, I listed you as my role model.
I’m 29 now! And I wanted to thank you for everything. I wrote emails to you a lot as a tween and a lot of them you responded to. I was so scared about getting older. Terrified. Alice made me feel like it was ok and comfortable and safe. She even helped me feel like getting pregnant was going to be okay and safe. I read Alice a lot as I near 30 year Old whenever I’m freaking out and feel like I need a Mom voice. And I am about to get married. All my fears are the same as hers. You’ve given me so much strength, Phyllis. I love you with all my heart. I’m going to name my daughter Alice !


Phyllis replied:

You made my day. ( My birthday, in fact.)  Thank you so much for your lovely email.  I’m sure that in writing the Alice books, I was addressing my own fears and hang-ups I experienced as I was growing up–easier to deal with them on paper.  I’m just happy to know that the books were helpful to you, and I truly appreciate you’re taking the time to write to me.

Posted on: January 4, 2018


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