Question: Dear ms. Naylor, i just did something stupid…

Dear ms. Naylor, i just did something stupid. My friend, lets say his name is ,Wade asked me to the Valentine’s dance at school. And he’s much more popular then me and every girl wants to go out with him. So anyways he asked me to the dance and i was so happy that he did but i wasnt sure what to say so i
yell out not in your life time. At first i was ok with my answer but then later that day i decided i wanted to go with him. But it turned out to be to late he ended up leavin school that day to see a basket ball game then to the dance. And now i want to tell him i will go out with him but i dont know how. Please help

PHYLLIS Replied:
Since this won’t be posted until after Valentine’s Day, I’m afraid I can’t help much, but I sure sympathize. Why we girls say one thing and mean another, I don’t know, but it certainly gets us in trouble. If you had asked a guy to a dance and he called back, “Not in your life time,” I don’t think you would have the nerve to ask him again. I still remember when a guy asked me to a formal dance and I accepted, and made a red satin gown to wear. When he asked the color of my dress, I just assumed that my girlfriends had already told him, so I said jokingly, “purple.” He arrived at our door the evening of the dance, and my Mom said she still remembers the look on my face when I opened the box and found an expensive purple orchid. Naturally I thanked him and pinned it on my dress, but I sure felt like a dork.

Posted on: February 17, 2009


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