One of the reasons I like your Shiloh series is it seems to reach the heart and provide good lessons. I am wondering if you have a series, or could recommend a series, of books that could help children learn to overcome past heartbreak while recognizing the love they are being given while building/ encouraging self esteem and teaching respect. This world of technology is sometimes a gift and other times a burden. I am hoping to find a series that can be read among the children that is enjoyable and engaging.. I tried to read a little about the Alice series and think this may be good for the girls (ages 5, 10, 12), but want to be sure they are age appropriate moving through the series.  Thanks for the great Shiloh series and for any recommendations you may have.

Phyllis replied:

I’ve written a number of series books, but SHILOH is obviously the best for the reasons you’ve mentioned.  Just helping children become better readers so they are exposed to the way others live, and the problems others face will help them know that they are not alone.  Another series of mine that is very popular among 4th, 5th, and 6th graders is the Boys/versus/girls books–12 books beginning with THE BOYS START THE WAR and THE GIRLS GET EVEN–and ending with WHO WON THE WAR?  (See these listed on my website– ) These take place in the imaginary town of Buckman, West Virginia (really Buckhannon, where my husband grew up).   These are simply fun books to read–two families learning to get along with each other.  The Alice series is another, but as she gets slightly older in each book, a five year-old would enjoy the first two books in the series, but perhaps should wait a few years before she reads the third.  Sometimes an adult reading the first book aloud to a child or group of children will inspire them to read the rest of a series by themselves.

Posted on: July 29, 2017


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