Shiloh…Love this book!


I love the book Shiloh. The way you put the book together is amazing. How long did it take you to write Shiloh? How many drafts did you do? My favorite part of Shiloh is when Judd gives Marty Shiloh. It made me feel relieved that Marty earned Shiloh. I was scared at first, then Judd gave Shiloh to Marty. My favorite character was Marty. I like how he was brave, smart, and he cared about animals.

Phyllis replied:

It took about six or eight weeks to write the first draft.  That’s very fast for me, but I was so emotionally involved in that story that I could hardly do anything else except write.  Then a number of drafts followed, the first and second were written by hand; then I typed the third draft on my computer, changing as I went.   Printed it out, changed some more, printed it out, changed some more, until finally I felt it was the best I could do and sent it to my publisher.

Posted on: December 23, 2016


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