Shiloh mystery ending

What a great series you wrote! Yesterday I finished the last book in the Shiloh Trilogy. I notice you left us hanging about the murder in Bens Run. I would absolutely love for you to tell me and many others of your fans about who killed him. I really like your books and I am reading your other book ICE. Thank you. I would like to be a great author just like you.
Phyllis replied:

Hmmm, I didn’t?   I skimmed the books but couldn’t find where I had written a conclusion to that.  I’m not sure I ever said.  What was important to me was that whatever seemed to go wrong was always blamed on Judd by some people, and this was just another example.  And even after it was proved that it was someone else who had killed a man, it didn’t seem to change opinions about Judd.  I’m so glad you enjoyed the series.  I hope you’ll enjoy some of the other books I’ve written, similar to Shiloh and Ice.

Posted on: March 16, 2017


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