Shiloh Questions


The third and fourth grade reading class at Our Lady of Mercy School in Potomac, MD would like to know if you will ever write another book featuring the character Shiloh. We would also like to know if you still live in Bethesda, since that is close to our school and perhaps we can meet you one day. We really enjoyed your book, Shiloh. We read it during our summer reading class. Also, if we want to send you handwritten letters, what address can we send them to? We are excited to hear back from you!

Phyllis replied:

Yes, there are three more books in the Shiloh quartet:  Shiloh Season, Saving Shiloh, and A Shiloh Christmas.   They form a continued story, so it’s best to read them in that order.  I live in Gaithersburg now, and you can send your letters to me at 401 Russell Avenue, Apt. 713, Gaithersburg, MD, 20877.  Please send your school address, however, not individual addresses if you want a reply.

Posted on: July 29, 2017


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