Shiloh story line


Shiloh was an amazing book and the movie was great, too. I loved the end of the movie, it was a very intense and I liked it a lot. Was Clover a good dog and did you miss him. How did you come up with story line of Shiloh and how did you come up with Sam’s grandparents tragic story. I think you did a wonderful job on the book and did on the book and did you make the story line for the book. I hope you can get back to me. Bye!


Phyllis replied:

I didn’t make a story line when I began the book.  I was just so sad and worried about the little abused dog I saw in West Virginia that I wanted to write about a boy who finds such a dog, and tries to make it his own.  As I got into the story, various scenes came to me, and the story line began to form.  Sam’s grandparents’ tragic story was put in the movie by the producer.  I didn’t even have a girl character named Sam in the book.

Posted on: December 20, 2017


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