Shiloh the real dog


Hello my name is Sofia I was reading through the questions and I saw that Shloh had died if you can please tell me how he died I would love to know becasue I have a friend how just got a dog bt her dog acts wierd it acts sad all the time and all it wants to do is sleep. I actually wanted to see him but now I know that will never happen I just wish I could see him mabey when it is my time I could meet him but Shiloh is so adorable and i can’t believe that he is dead I am so sorry for your loss and one more question who is his owner and was this dog actully hurt durring the film and was he abused and mistreated before like the actually book and is his name Shiloh or soemthing else.


Phyllis replied:

Shiloh was an actual dog–a female, really, though I changed it to male in my books.  When I first found her, she acted so frightened, afraid even to let me touch her, and we could tell she had been mistreated somewhere along the line.  I don’t know anything about her background or what her name was originally, but after our friends adopted her and named her Clover, they said she was the happiest dog in West Virginia.

Posted on: October 20, 2017


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