Wax Museum Project

I am in 4th grade and recently read your book “How I Came to be a Writer.” I also own and have read your Newberry Award Winning book Shiloh. My sister has read all of your Boys vs. Girls books. I have loved learning about your life and recently did my wax museum project on you.
I enjoyed telling all of those that came to our wax museum all about me (acting as you). Thank you for influencing me and helping me learn. I’m glad you didn’t die by the train or drowning.
I hope to hear back from you if you get enough time to respond.

Phyllis replied:

I’m glad I didn’t die by train or drowning, either.  (I see you’ve been reading my website).  I had never heard of a wax museum project, but I hope you did a good job being me.  That would be a fun project in school, but we never did anything like that when I was in fourth grade.

Posted on: December 15, 2017


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