What other books have you written?


I am visually impaired, so I can’t see the greatest. I will be going to the Department for the Blind after this year. I read braille and use a cane to help me get around. I enjoy helping people and babysitting little kids. I like to also do hands-on things. I can see good enough to ride a bike, and so I love doing that as well. I have a lot of fun ice-skating and rollerblading and skating as well. I play goal ball and I swim on the swim team. I have ran in track when I was younger. Also, I won a medal when I was little for the most beautiful baby. I got first place. I’ve been in the newspaper several times for different things. I’ve been in it for Pros, which is a youth group I’m in. I’ve been in the newspaper for school, also. I’ve had 3 surgeries as well; one when I was one and a half, and two when I was seven and a half. I have had a lovely life.

I like your Alice book series. I love mystery books. Do you have any other books that I might be interested in that you have written? I enjoy your wording and your characters in your books. Although, I have never read your Shiloh books. I am interested in your books and your mystery books. I like a lot of books.

You’re a talented author, and I like you. I like that you changed all the characters in all your stories. I like that you have different characters, and they had different meanings in your stories. I think that you’re an inspiring author, and I look up to you. I think that you should make a lot more books and have a lot more series, as well.

I think that you have obviously gone on a lot of trips by the sound of the Alice books. I enjoy reading them. I would like to read more about your adventures that you have gone or are going to. I would even like to hear about what you imagine, even if you don’t go to these places.

Phyllis replied:

I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying my books.  I know that many of them are also in Braille.  Since I’ve now written 145 books, I think the best thing is for you to go to my website, www.phyllisnaylor.com, and see all the different books you  might like.  The Shiloh Quartet is about a dog, the Cat Pack books, beginning with the Grand Escape, are about two housecats, then there are the Bernie Magruder mystery books, and the boy/girl battle books–which I think you would enjoy, even though the characters are younger–The Boys Start the  War, and The Girls Get Even…on and on, to make an even dozen.  For single books, try Sang Spell, Jade Green, Blizzard’s Wake and Send No Blessings, and Cricket Man.   You obviously are involved in a lot of activities, and I’m delighted to know that reading is one of them.


Posted on: December 23, 2016


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