When does the story take place?


You’re book Shiloh is beautifully written. Shiloh was the highlight of our day in my 4th grade classroom.Whenever my teacher stopped reading we all begged her to read more. All of my classmates tensed up at the scary parts. We cried at the sad parts, and we laughed at the funny parts. That goes to say you’re book has so much emotion.
One question after reading your book is when did it take place? I noticed that you said that the Preston’s didn’t have a phone, and there was no mention of I-phones, so I was not sure. Thank you so much for writing Shiloh,and Happy Holidays!


Phyllis replied:

If they didn’t have a phone in Shiloh, they did in Saving Shiloh.  I’d have to read the books again to make sure.  I guess I imagined the story taking place in the 1980’s.  It wasn’t that the area didn’t have phone service, but that the Prestons were saving all the money they could to pay for the grandmother’s nursing care.

Posted on: December 21, 2017


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