Why did the German shepherd attack Shiloh?



I am in 4th grade , and just finished Shiloh.

One of my favorite parts in Shiloh is when Marty and Shiloh were taking a walk. I felt calm when they were taking a walk. Another part I liked is when Shiloh felt better. It made me feel happy because I thought Shiloh would die.

I have some questions for you. Why did that german shepherd appear out of nowhere and then attack Shiloh? What is your favorite book you wrote?


Phyllis replied:


Many dogs, especially in rural areas, are free to roam wherever they like.  Dogs can smell when other dogs are around, and this one obviously smelled Shiloh.  Dogs that are mistreated, like people, often attack others–just to be the bully for a change, not the victim.  It was important for my story to show that everything we do has consequences, and sometimes, even when we think we’re doing the right thing, bad things happen.  If Shiloh had not been penned up in the little shack Marty made for him, perhaps he could have got away from the other dog.  And Marty had to live with that mistake.  But we learn from everything that happens to us in life, especially our mistakes.


Posted on: May 13, 2017


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