Why didn’t Shiloh speak?

this book is awesome! I wanted to ask why did Shiloh not speak much? I also wanted to ask why did you write the book Shiloh, not just because you found a dog but why did you write the book Shiloh? I also would like to say if you would have not found a dog would you have still wrote this book? I hope you make more Shiloh Books


Phyllis replied:

You  know, I never thought about Shiloh barking–and I think that’s what you meant by asking why Shiloh didn’t speak much.  Just didn’t occur to me, which does seem a little strange.  If I had not come across such a dog on our visit to  West Virginia, then no, I would never have written the Shiloh books (there are 4 of them).  It was my worry about that little dog we left behind (that was eventually adopted by our friends) that made it impossible for me to work on any other book, and the plot began forming in my mind.

Posted on: December 30, 2017


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